All orders will be processed, individually packaged and clearly labeled, by PriceLess Prints. The store administrator will be required to pickup and distribute goods. The store administrator will be responsible for signing off on all sorted orders that were picked up from PriceLess Prints

*Due to the custom nature of our products, PriceLess Prints is not responsible for any incorrect sizes/styles chosen or orders that are placed after the allotted store time. In the event that a garment is damaged or incorrectly decorated, PriceLess Prints will replace the original item ordered or refund the item cost directly to the customer. Webstore will close on requested date to begin processing - no exceptions or late orders of any kind will be accepted. PriceLess Prints will offer no re-prints, returns or exchanges of any kind.

NOTE- Stores require up to 3 weeks from close to be processed so plan end date's accordingly.